Since 1998, Stacy Moore has specialized in the photography of little ones and their families, artistically capturing natural expressions and true personality. She also photographs a select number of weddings each year.

On children: “ I love to photograph children. I am inspired by their free spirits, their freshness, their innocence, their joy, their natural way of being. To capture a look, a feeling, a particular expression – a little piece of the soul, of the person within – this I love most. By choosing to use primarily black and white film, I add an element of timelessness to the images: they seem to have more depth, hold more mystery, and reveal a bit of a story.”

On brides and grooms: “A wedding is a day of joy and celebration, each one unique and holding it’s own special emotion. I love photographing the quiet beauty of the bride’s dressing room mingled with jubilant preparation, the friendship and laughter of the wedding party and family, the intimate expressions between the bride and groom throughout the day, the close embrace of their first dance together, and the rejoicing of all those closest to them. In the end, my aim is to provide you with a beautiful collection of images that retell in detail the story of your day.”

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